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(Joint Pain Relief)

Recently I acquired some of Mamma D's hemp oil from a friend to help with some pain after an accident. I found that the oil worked great for my pain and gave me an overall feeling of well being. I ordered some for myself. I've had minor psoriasis since I was a child. To my surprise after starting a daily regimen of Mamma D's, I experienced a dramatic relief of the symptoms. I am now a daily "taker" of this hemp oil and can't believe more people aren't experiencing the benefits of this wonder medicine.

(The Gift of Wellness)

My Brother has suffered from Psoriasis since his he was 30 years old, he is now 65. He has tried everything on the market that doctors would prescribe. He has been orally taking Mamma D's 109 Full spectrum hemp oil for about a month. He also has been putting a drop of the oil on a patch on his hand. He showed me the results! He went back and bought more Mamma D's 109. He told me that he was thrilled with the results and can't wait to see how much it improves over time. It is working. There is improvement to the patch on his hand.

As a result of a lifetime of training athletically, I have sustained many injuries (even post surgical pains). I thought I was destined to live a life of pain from my neck to my toes...until I found mamma d's topical. My massage therapist uses Mamma D's Monday to Monday Massage Oil on me because I brought it to him. He now uses it on all of his clients. I use the Mamma D's Beyond Body Lotion daily. I apply it sparingly about 20 mins prior to a shower and go about my day pain free.  

(Former Pro Athlete)
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