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Our Story

Mamma D left the States in search of the purest answers to health and wellness. While living in Italy she met her husband, Papa Gaimpaolo.  He happens to descend from a long lineage of Italian farmers.  In fact, he and they are master growers.

The two fused her quest to find natural healing and his family’s centuries of expertise in cultivation. Together, they formed an artisanal blend of elite strains of hemp. Their products have become the Hemp oil that so many rely on.  Papa is out in the field and in the laboratory to personally ensure that their land, crops, and products are of the purest quality. “Like Italian cooking, they create from the heart, or not at all”.  

Their love for one another transcends into their craft -into their creations.  


It is of the utmost importance to Mamma and Papa that only ORGANICALLY GROWN AND EXTRACTED plants are utilized to create their products.  Mamma D's products are PESTICIDE FREE & NON-GMO.  Please navigate this site to view all of the up to date information.  in the interest of being fully transparent about how awesome our crops and products are, we will gladly share our certificates with our clientele.

Mamma D and Papa Giampaolo carefully selected their land based on its soil content as well as the climate.  The environment of which the hemp is grown is crucial in cultivating Mamma D's premium

hemp plants.  

hemp is non-psychoactive.  hemp does not directly trigger the cannabinoid receptors, as opposed to THC which does.  Mamma's blend of hemp is premio.


With open eyes, they scanned east and west for natural methods of maintaining health and achieving wellness.  While collecting awareness from around the world, their search finally came to an end.  It was evident to them that hemp was the most versatile and effective supplement.

Mamma D and Giampaolo ultimately settled in Colorado to be pioneers of the United States' much needed movement into a healthy way of life through hemp oil supplements, topicals, and even pet friendly supplements. They used their passione and knowledge to grow and create the perfect recipe for themselves and their family.  Welcome to the family!  "Benvenuto in famiglia".    

They do it for you.
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